Public—The Outreach Centre

Biology at sea level and at your wavelength – that is how our outreach activities can be described. The Outreach Centre shows and communicates how the fisheries and production of shellfish is carried out in reality and explains the interaction between the environment and the production based on the latest research. This is communicated to a larger audience than just the scientific community, including both the public and the society.

The Outreach Centre offers a variety of activities such as:

  • Tours for the general public, associations and companies.
  • Laboratory school for primary schools, high schools, seminars and adult education.
  • Special tours on the fjord and gastronomic experiences.
  • Internet-based outreach of knowledge about especially shellfish, seaweed and the environment.

The outreach is adapted to the audience and the centre is open accordingly. In addition, the outreach activities follow the seasons according to the shellfish production.

The Outreach Centre has its own webpage (in Danish), which includes an E-learning page with information about the animal and plant life in the Limfjorden (in Danish).