We conduct research on low-trophic organisms in coastal areas

The Section for Coastal Ecology, DTU Aqua works with all aspects of marine products in coastal areas; our primary focus is on shellfish and macroalgae. We conduct research on traditional species, like blue mussels and oysters, and “new” species, such as seaweed, starfish, and crustaceans. Our research is often conducted in cooperation with industry to enhance sustainability and value of production.

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Fishery. Photo: Danish Shellfish Centre

We provide advice on the effects of fisheries and aquaculture on the environment

The Section for Coastal Ecology, DTU Aqua advises public authorities on sustainable exploitation of the living resources of the sea, for example, what the consequences of bivalve fisheries are on benthic fauna and eelgrass. This service forms the scientific basis for the regulation and legislation on fisheries in nature protection areas.

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Tang på line

We find innovative solutions within food, feeds, and environmental sectors

Production of shellfish and seaweed has a great potential in Denmark because its coastal waters are sanitary and highly productive due to eutrophication. The Section for Coastal Ecology, DTU Aqua develops and optimizes production of bivalves, crustaceans, starfish, and macroalgae for food, feeds and novel purposes, such as removing nutrients from the sea.

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Studerende på feltarbejde i Limfjorden

We communicate biology and ecology, and promote ocean literacy

In the Outreach Centre at The Danish Shellfish Centre, students can learn about coastal biology and ecology while experiencing the shellfish fishery and production of marine products in the Limfjorden. Additionally, the Outreach Centre offers tours and special events for the public, tourists, organizations, and companies.

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Dansk Skaldyrcenter set fra fjorden

We have unique research facilities

Part of the Section for Coastal Ecology, DTU Aqua is located at the Danish Shellfish Center at Limfjorden and have unique research facilities in terms of a commercial hatchery, microalgae production, laboratories and research vessels for surveying, fisheries investigations, and aquaculture research. The Centre also owns and operates a commercial longline farm for production research.

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Examples of research project

The Danish Shellfish Centre is and has been part of a wide range of national and international research projects. Below you can learn about two current projects. 


The project aims at providing robust evidence-based ecological, social, and economic documentation on optimized use of farmed mussels as a mitigation tool for eutrophication that in turn can be a sustainable protein-rich feedstuff for fish.
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The project aims at developing a new way of growing mussels with a dual purpose: To create a new business area in Denmark by producing animal protein feed ingredients for organic husbandry and at the same time improve the marine environment by mitigating eutrophication effects through harvest of mussels.
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