Egon P


OU 9853
Length: 9.93 Width: 4.01 Depth: 1.60
Motor 220 hp Diesel
Max speed 8 knots
7.9 Tonnage
Heat in steering house
Hydraulic winch for trawl net and boom
Hydraulic crane 750 kg
12v and 220v
Auto pilot
Electronic sea map
Diving ladder/platform can be mounted
Medicine chest C

Speed limit

Speed within 25 nautical miles from the nearest coast within the lines Skagen-Vinga and west of 16° eastern longitude in the Baltic Sea and along the western coast of Jutland.


Can bring up to 8 passengers during the period 06.00-22.00 and 6 passengers during the period 22.00-06.00.

Can bring up to 12 passengers if the voyage does not exceed 2 hours.


For more information, contact Fishery Technician Lars Kyed Andersen.



Lars Kyed Andersen
Fisheries Technician
DTU Aqua
+45 20 65 67 96